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Too often our mind is distracted, drowning out our intuition, but intuition is always trying to come through to confirm to us our purpose and meaning. The more we release mental and emotional tension the more the body will unravel as well. The more layers we peel off, the brighter our soul purpose can shine through!




Yoga Flow Classes

Morning Yoga Flow

MWF – 9am – 45 minutes

Mindfulness & Heartfulness. Poses & Meditation. (With Amber)


Intuitive Yoga Flow

Mondays & Wednesdays – 5:30pm – 1 hour

Meditation. Breathwork. Poses. Clarity. (With Amber)


Friday Fast Flow

Fridays – 5:30pm – 30 minutes

Quick Flow to start the weekend off right! (With Amber)



$65 – Unlimited Flow Month Pass

$10 – Drop In / $100 – 11 Drop Ins

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